Silver Hill Island Company

Silver Hill Island Company is based in Acklins Island. Silver Hill produces Bahamian tea, seasonings, soaps, bath salt and herbal oil. It is a wholesale company that aims to use nature’s herbs in the production of its products. All of Silver Hill’s...

D’Vanya’s Manufacturing

D’vanya’s Manufacturing was established more than (20) years ago. The company concentrates on the manufacturing and distribution of Bahamian spices and condiments throughout The Bahamas, Caribbean, United States, and Europe. D’Vanya’s prides...

The Distinguished Palate

The Distinguished Palate produces a Bahamian-inspired line of condiments, creatively using local fruits in season. The flavours capture the essence of Bahamian cuisine and can be sweet and savory applications. The pepper line includes guava, mango, tamarind, roasted...

A Rainbow’s Delight

The company offers a creative line of Bahamian-made candies using seasonal local fruits. The line is a range of caramels, hard candies, lollipops, using all natural ingredients. The products are hand-crafted and small batch produced to ensure optimal quality.

Fields of Green Farm

The company’s products are made from locally grown goods to include jams, jellies, assorted juices, and cold pressed organic honey.