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Shared Vision for Education 2030

The Ministry of Education launched Shared Vision for Education 2030 as recognition of the link between

  • a well-educated population
  • a vibrant knowledge-based economy in the 21st Century
  • a socially progressive sustainable society, and
  • enhanced personal growth opportunities for all Bahamians.

Towards an international hub for educational services

In alignment herewith, the National Development plan for The Bahamas (‘Vision 2040’) speaks of the country’s thrust towards becoming an international and regional hub for educational services with the creation of The University of the Bahamas (UB) as the premier academic institution of higher learning in The Bahamas.

University of The Bahamas

With a focus on teaching, innovation, research, and community engagement, UB offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of subject areas in addition to a dynamic environment for scholarly exchange of ideas through Research Edge.  As a forum, Research Edge facilitates the creation and fostering of an interdisciplinary culture promoting research, learning, innovation and further development of scholarly contributions.

Stem Cell Research

Health officials are one step closer to making The Bahamas the “premier global destination” for stem cell research.  Working in collaboration, the Stem Cell Secretariat and the Public Hospitals Authority ensure that the Stem Cell Research and Therapy Act 2013 enacted to govern the sector is enforced.  As a part of the legislature, the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee ensures that all stem cell research therapy conducted in The Bahamas meets best practice and international standards.

Gerace Research Centre (GRS)

Gerace Research Centre (GRS) on the northern coast of the island of San Salvador offers primarily research, dormitory and service facilities for students, professors and researcher from around the world in the fields of Archaeology, Biology, Geology, and Marine Science.

Conducting Research in The Bahamas

Conducting research in The Bahamas is possible with approval of research permit(s) from the Department of Marine Resources, Bahamas Environment Science and Technology (BEST) Commission, the Department of Agriculture or The Bahamas National Trust.  Depending on the nature of the research, you may require several permits which are valid for the specified duration.  Click on the link below to access the form that should be completed to accompany the respective research permit(s).

More info can be found at

Becoming an international and regional hub for educational services also includes and is not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing a national skills strategy for the financial services sector that includes identifying required core competencies for a global center, identification of key skills gaps as well as standards and modes of training delivery, and
  • Delivering effective financial services training programs through the high school curriculum, Tertiary education professional certification bodies, apprenticeship and on the job training programs.

The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services

As an open-door institution The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services (BIFS, aims to increase productivity in the sector through high-quality, industry relevant and cutting-edge training and educational programs. BIFS offers quality educational and training products and services designed to support students with onward transition to two-year or four-year degree granting institutions while securing credentials with labor market value.

For the past forty two years, BIFS has trained working financial professionals to earn general education course completion, diplomas, short-term career certificates and occupational certifications for career advancement in the financial services industry.  BIFS has secured active articulation agreements with regional and international universities to maintain industry responsive curricula at the highest standard.  Graduates successfully transfer course credits earned at BIFS to degree granting institutions.  A wide cross-section of associations representing banks and trust companies, accountants, compliance officers, and estate and trust practitioners also engage in collaborative relationships with BIFS.

As a part of its strategy and vision for ongoing development, BIFS aims to continue in its development towards addressing the research needs of its clients in ways that may inform policy as it transitions into becoming the Regional Center of Excellence for Financial Services in the Caribbean.