Fruity Freddie Farms

Fruity Freddie Farms is a 100% Bahamian owned, farm-based business located in Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. As a member of the North Abaco Farmers Association (NAFA), it specializes in the growing of indigenous Bahamian fruits and in the production of high-quality...

Coconut Queen Enterprises

Coconut Queen Enterprises manufactures and processes organic virgin coconut oil, cosmetic oils, medicinal oils, hair moisturizers and other specialty food items such as coconut pastries, coconut candies and pure concentrated coconut milk.

Heritage Seafood Ltd.

Heritage Seafood Ltd. is a committed, striving, second-generation family owned and operated business that’s willing, capable and eager to conduct business. We are continually expanding with special emphasis on building long term relationships with our customers,...