Financial services

Below is an overview of leading organizations in the sector that provide information about new developments in the sector and global markets. Some also provide webinars.

World Economic Forum

As an international organization for public-private cooperation, the World Economic Forum regularly publishes reports on relevant subjects. Some of the publications include:

  • Disruptive innovation in financial services: A blueprint for digital
  • The future of financial infrastructure: An ambitious look at how blockchain can reshape financial services
  • The Role of Financial Services in Society: Understanding the impact of technology-enabled innovation on financial stability
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Strategy& is PwC’s strategic consulting team that provides insights into innovation and crucial trends that shape industries and the financial services sector. The website offers a wide range of articles on:

  • Global innovation
  • Industry trends
  • Financial services trends
  • How to respond
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PwC- Project Blue

PwC’s Project Blue provides analyses about major trends that redefine the financial services sector: “Assessing the future trends for financial services.” It helps you assess how these developments affect your company and line of business. Project Blue offers:

  • Input from industry leaders
  • Extensive research and publications on game changing trends
  • Ideas for developing a pro-active response
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