Import procedures

The import of goods into The Bahamas is regulated by the Bahamas Customs Department, which is responsible for the administration of the Customs Management Act.


All persons importing cargo into The Bahamas either by sea or by air are required to:

  • Collect documents from shipping/airline agent;
  • Complete relevant Customs declaration form(s);
  • Present forms and supporting documents to the Customs Entry Checking;
  • Pay import duties;
  • Collect goods.

Supporting Documents

  • Invoices (where applicable);
  • Shipping documents (bill of lading/airway bill, and any other documents provided by the supplier);
  • Agricultural Permit (agricultural products);
  • Phytosanitary Certificate (plant products);
  • For individual importer – passport or driver’s licence;
  • For business importer – valid business licence.

Related Fee(s)

  • Processing fee of 1% of C.I.F. value (subject to a minimum fee of $10, and a maximum fee of $500);
  • Environmental fee ($5 – $200);
  • Value added tax of 10% of total landed cost;
  • Customs Broker fees (where applicable).

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