Creative industries

Below is an overview of leading organizations in the sector that provide information about new developments in the sector and global markets. Some also provide webinars.

International Furnishings and Design Association’s (IFDA)

IFDA stimulates collaboration within the furnishings and design industry. It provides members with tools and resources to enhance their business. Services include:

  • Network of organizations in the furnishings and design industry, including designers, producers and distributers.
  • Expertise
  • Industry newsletter
  • Webinars
  • Events
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Alliance for Artisan Enterprise

Alliance for Artisan Enterprise supports the artisan sector to create jobs, increase incomes, enhance cultural heritage and promote development. Services include:

  • Network of organizations in the artisan value chain, including artisan businesses, social enterprises, online marketplaces and government agencies
  • Artisan Innovation Workshop
  • Digital Learning Series
  • Research reports
  • Events
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Association For Creative Industries (AFCI)

AFCI is the premier trade association for the global creative arts products industries. Its members include manufacturers, retailers and distributors. AFCI provides:

  • Research
  • Education, including webinars
  • Live and online events
  • Member directory for registered users
  • Marketing/advertising opportunities
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International Trade Centre (ITC)

ITC supports the internationalization of small and medium enterprises. It provides information and references for the creative industries,  textile & clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products. For example:

  • Market research & surveys
  • Product trends
  • Market information portals
  • Business directories
  • Online marketplaces
  • Professional associations
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