SELA to Train Entrepreneurs in Latin American and the Caribbean, Offering Scholarships

6 Jul 2017


In response to the challenges that emerge during the evolution of entrepreneurship initiatives, it becomes urgent to empower entrepreneurs, so that they can timely respond to such challenges on the basis of informed and documented decisions. In this connection, the Permanent Secretariat of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Administration (IESA) are organizing the “Digital course on entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean”, which aims to train new entrepreneurs, so that they can develop their entrepreneurship while taking advantage of the benefits offered by Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs); identify the obstacles that may arise during the development of the entrepreneurship project and may threaten the consolidation of the entrepreneurial initiative; and provide entrepreneurs with tools that may enable them to develop personal and inter-personal skills and practices, so that they can overcome, timely and efficiently, the obstacles inherent to the development of an entrepreneurial initiative. The course is aimed especially at entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean and will be taught in Spanish and English.

The Permanent Secretariat of SELA will offer a total of 500 scholarships to cover the costs of training Latin American and Caribbean entrepreneurs through the technological platform of the IESA.

The course will last eight weeks, focusing on issues related to the validation of a business idea; value creation; value delivery and capture and interfaces between the business and the customer; business efficiency; opportunity in numbers to define the viability of a business; environment and risks, strategy applied to the business model; the minimum viable team; and business pitching.

The training course will include the participant’s guides, multimedia presentations, examinations, application in practical cases, access to discussion forums and assignment of an academic mentor, who will facilitate the dissemination of modules and accompany the participants during the course. At the end of each module, evaluations will be carried out to verify the assimilation of the most important concepts of each session. Each participant can access the online course from his country of residence, and the time of each country will be taken into consideration.

Applications for the course will be received from 22 June to 19 July 2017. Persons and institutions interested in participating should submit their applications before the aforementioned date, accessing the Web pages of SELA or the IESA on the following link: Registration Form

Persons and institutions selected to participate in the course will receive a written confirmation from the e-mail address prior to 31 August 2017. The course will begin on 1 September of this year.

The SELA-Emprende digital course is aimed at governmental focal points for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Member States of SELA, business associations and institutions of MSMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean, entrepreneurs from the Member States of SELA and representatives of public and private institutions responsible for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

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