Remarks by ALIV CEO Damian Blackburn at Chamber Power Breakfast

20 Jul 2017





19TH JULY, 2017 – 8:30 a.m.

Minister of Health, Dr. Duane Sands, BCCEC Chairman Mike Maura, other executives, guests and media, Good Morning.

Aliv, and I would hope that you all agree, is a very caring organization. It is actually in our DNA as you can see by our name and its in the CEO and CFO’s DNA. Both myself and Barry Williams, who has led us through financial challenges and raising money, have nurses as mothers so I think there is a heavy influence on the way we do business in terms of what we learnt from our mothers. We certainly have that side to us which we instill in our organization to care for our communities around us; there’s nothing better than having a nurse as a mother.

I did listen intently last week at the Global Regulators Symposium at Atlantis that the Prime Minister opened which was a very proud thing for The Bahamas to host. There were telecommunications personnel from over 100 countries and URCA did a fantastic job in hosting that event and the Prime Minister gave an excellent opening speech and of course central to his theme about what his Government will be looking to do around Telecommunications was Telemedicine. I would just like to respond to that here this morning in one regard.

We in ALIV stand ready to help the Government with its agenda in Telemedicine but we do hope to change the agenda a little. We would like to move it to smart medicine so medicine from the smartphone and nothing will make me more delighted than to see The Bahamas in five years’ time using the smartphone to its fullest capabilities from a medical angle. There are a lot of apps being developed now for smart phone use that are really in the zone of preventative medicine rather than reactive medicine and nothing would delight me more than to see this generation of nurses not having to run around reacting like I used to observe my mother doing, reacting generally to medical problems and I hope to see the medical professionals in the future starting here in The Bahamas really using the full capabilities of smartphones with their patients to monitor and prevent things before they happen.

So thank you to the executive team of the BCCEC for allowing me this opportunity to speak to you for a few minutes today.

At ALIV we believe in working with the business community and have created programs, and collaborated with organizations directed at areas that will have the most sustainable and positive impact on the country. Undoubtedly, small businesses are the drivers of a good economy and so we want to ensure we can assist in helping you advance your businesses where possible. To date ALIV has already built two next generation LTE networks to provide unparalleled and superior consumer experience. ALIV also provides seamless international roaming delivered through strategic partnerships with 600+ network operators in nearly 200 countries. We offer businesses the best value and flexibility through key product features such as international calling, unlimited data and per second billing – so you only pay for what you use with ALIV.

We are dedicated to assisting the business community with customized business services and through our professional team of ALIV Business Solutions Partners. This team is designed exclusively to deliver personalized customer support of the highest quality for businesses of all sizes based on business needs and modes of operation. The team has years of experience with managing relationships with multifaceted enterprise customers. ALIV Business Solutions provides mobile flexibility for businesses and puts control into the hands of its business users. Through the ALIV Business Portal business owners can view company mobile use, make queries and generate various reports at any time. Companies can also opt to have reports delivered automatically by email monthly. Our ALIV Business Solutions Team is here to help make doing business easy.

We are now going further with our commitment to small and medium sized businesses in The Bahamas with a three-year sponsorship of the Chamber which includes financial support for major events. We are also partners with the Abaco Chamber of Commerce with hopes to partner with other Chambers on the Family Islands very soon. These partnerships will allow us to offer Chamber members special deals on ALIV packages and plans.

Our goal is to always meet and surpass expectations and we believe this partnership with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation will allow us to do just that.

Thank you.