Calling All Artistes: The Caribbean Rhythm Showcase is back – live and direct!

25 Jul 2022


25 acts to perform live to an audience in September

  • Caribbean Rhythm ShowcaseThe Caribbean Rhythm Showcase is looking for talented artistes
  • Caribbean Export and Headline Entertainment partner to produce the 2022 live staging of the Caribbean Rhythm Showcase in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Caribbean Export is supporting artistes gain greater exposure with international music executives.

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) in cooperation with the European Union and Headline Entertainment (Jamaica) is supporting Caribbean artistes gain greater exposure to international music executives with the 2nd staging of the Caribbean Rhythm Showcase.  The event producers are looking for 25 acts to perform live to an audience including music scouts in September 2022.

“We are looking for artistes from all genres to perform at this Showcase.  From zouk, soca, calypso, reggae rap, dancehall and pop, we want to support our artistes.” Shared Allyson Francis, Services Specialist at Caribbean Export.

“Music is a critical industry for us in the region, and we are committed to supporting the development of our practitioners with our Business of Music courses to leverage digital platforms and to give them the exposure needed to be discovered” she continued.

Producers, distributors, publishers, company executives and artiste representatives will be present

The Caribbean Rhythm Showcase aims to unearth and display more of the region’s talent.  The organisers are inviting new and emerging artistes to register and submit a performance video for assessment, for a chance to participate in a dynamic event that will also include follow-up meetings with interested music executives.

Unlike previous editions which were held online, this years’ staging will be in person in Kingston, Jamaica and aims to give artistes the opportunity to showcase, gain exposure and create opportunity to collaborate with other regional musicians and generate international interest.

“This year is different; it allows us to bring the talent together in one space (so) it’s not just us seeing a video but interacting with live talent, seeing the way they operate and understanding things about them,” says Jerome Hamilton, Managing Director of Headline Entertainment.

He added that, “The same applies to the buyers, which includes producers, distributors, publishers, company executives and artiste representatives assembled from around the world, (so) no longer will it be about if – or will – the respective persons log on. The buyers will be present and will be here actively looking to interact and find talent and with everything up-close-and-personal continuously over a couple of days, we expect to reach solid results.”

Artistes are encouraged to visit the website for details and are required to submit two original songs.

The live showcase will take place on September 17, 2022 in Kingston, Jamaica and the selected artistes will participate in a number of activities designed to provide them with career development including workshops, and tours in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sport.

Source: Caribbean Export