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A Rainbow’s Delight

The company offers a creative line of Bahamian-made candies using seasonal local fruits. The line is a range of caramels, hard candies, lollipops, using all natural ingredients. The products are hand-crafted and small batch produced to ensure optimal q …

Abaco Neem Limited

Abaco Neem offers a full range of over 23 products for the body, alternative preventative medicinal products, as well as home, garden and pet products. All products are produced using certified organic neem leaf and oil, which are processed from the me …

Bake Bahamas

Barbara Outten, owner of Bake Bahamas, started baking at the age of 13 and always knew that her recipe for success, would involve the baked goods she began to sell on holidays (from her residence), while working as a banker in Grand Bahama. In 2002, Ba …

Bootleg Chocolates

Bootleg Chocolates produces hand made Bahamian inspired gourmet chocolates. Flavors include: Keylime Caramel, Bahamian Sea Salt + Hibiscus Caramel, and Goat Pepper + Balsamic Caramel.  

Chocolatess Island Delights

Fascinated with the versatility of chocolate at the age of 14 years, LaTess Bartlett’s life changed dramatically, when she decided that she wanted to invest in her future. Rather than receive gifts or have a party for her 15th birthday she opted for eq …

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