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Bootleg Chocolates are premium, Bahamian-inspired chocolates. Bootleg’s co- owners, Daphne and Amanda, can trace their Bahamian ancestry back to the 1600’s.

Daphne studied at Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy in Canada and has been a Chocolatier for 15years. Amanda comes from an advertising background and introduced herself to the science of chocolate at UC, Davis. They have adapted (or “bootlegged”) the flavors of the islands to please the modern palate.

As for the name “Bootleg Chocolates”, this represents fond memories of Granny’s tales, growing up in The Bahamas, of bootleggers and rum runners that darted in and out of the region during the days of Prohibition.
The dual spirits of good taste and adventure are the heart and soul of Bootleg Chocolates.

Flavors include: Keylime Caramel, Bahamian Sea Salt + Hibiscus Caramel, and Goat Pepper + Balsamic Caramel.



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Port Lucaya Marketplace
Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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Amanda Ormerod
1 (242) 373-6303 / 1 (242) 727-6301

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Bootleg Chocolates

Port Lucaya Marketplace
Grand Bahama, Bahamas