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Barbara Outten, owner of Bake Bahamas, started baking at the age of 13 and always knew that her recipe for success, would involve the baked goods she began to sell on holidays (from her residence), while working as a banker in Grand Bahama.

In 2002, Barbara opened a storefront location in Grand Bahama under the name, Barbs Bakery and expanded product offerings to include elaborate wedding cakes, specialty birthday cakes, cookies and other baked treats. The storefront remained open for several years until the economic downturn hit Grand Bahama and Barbara made the decision to close the storefront and return to a home-based business model.

In 2012, the company relaunched with new branding and a new name, Bake Bahamas. The name, Bake Bahamas, is indicative of the business going beyond the boundaries of Grand Bahama.

Since the rebranding, Bake Bahamas has worked with a US Food and Drug Administration Accepted Laboratory to determine specific nutritional label content for export items, namely flavored rum cakes, which now sells wholesale to major local retailers.


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  • FDA

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• Rum Cakes

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Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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Barbara/Tanya Outten
1 (242) 727-6747 / 1 (242) 225-3373

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