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Fascinated with the versatility of chocolate at the age of 14 years, LaTess Bartlett’s life changed dramatically, when she decided that she wanted to invest in her future. Rather than receive gifts or have a party for her 15th birthday she opted for equipment and supplies to start her own business making chocolates, which she fittingly named Chocolatess Island Delights.

As a senior culinary student at the time, she skillfully created her own recipes into two distinct palate lines. Using white, Milk and Dark covertures, she handcrafts Island flavors including; Coconut, Banana, Mango, Pina Colada and Guava as well as Decadent flavors including Cheesecake, Pralines & Cream, Hazelnut, Nutty Cappuccino and others.

Catering to the palates of tourists and locals Chocolatess Island Delights variety of confections include: Chocolate bars, bite sizes gift boxes, Taste Tess Island and Decadent packages, Customized packages, Chocolate Mousse and Truffles (with Rum, flavors or tasty fillings).



  • Food and beverages

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• Chocolates

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• None

Awards & Achievements

• 2014 Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association Junior Hotelier Certificate
• 2015 Grand Bahama Junior Minister of Tourism
• 2015 Finalist for the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce Developing Entrepreneur Award
• 2015 Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture Youth of the Month Honoree Entrepreneurship
• 2015 Winner of the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture Rising Star Award
• 2015 Winner of the prestigious Minister’s Cup for Entrepreneurship
• 2017 Ministry of Tourism Bahama Host Graduate with Distinction
• 2017 Grand Bahama Junior Achievement Most Outstanding Vice President of Marketing
• 2017 Most Distinguished Achiever for Grand Bahama.

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Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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Cheryl Bartlett
1 (242) 646-1084

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