BAMSI Creates International Linkages In Dubai

9 Mar 2022


BAMSINumerous internship and training opportunities

The Bahamas Agriculture Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) has made numerous international connections for educational opportunities during Agriculture week in Dubai from February 20-25.

Representatives from BAMSI were among the delegation that traveled with Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Hon. Clay Sweeting, who spoke at the inaugural Food for Future Summit and Expo.

BAMSI President Dr. Erecia Hepburn said she was delighted to find internship and training opportunities with numerous countries.

“We had an opportunity to speak to not only ministers but persons that are open to partnering with us and ensuring that our students have an opportunity maybe to come and train with them for brief internships and those who were not able to provide internships, they provided scholarship opportunities. So, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for BAMSI,” she said.

“We definitely have a connection with the United Kingdom, made connections with persons in Japan, also in Australia where our students may have the opportunity to do some things there. We are going to set up a few Zoom meetings to see how we can grow our partnerships with each other.”

Agriculture week was beneficial for the institute

Dr. Hepburn said that she felt that Agriculture week in Dubai was tremendously beneficial for the institute.

“It was a great opportunity to network with not only colleagues globally but even the colleagues locally that we may not have the chance to network and experience with. I’ve met Bahamians in Dubai that I haven’t seen in years so this was a learning and growing experience and I hope that we would have the opportunity to come back again,” she said.

BAMSI Chairman Tyrel Young, who was also a part of the delegation, added that it was vital for agriculture to attend the Food for Future Summit and Expo.

“Food security is definitely at risk, and it is pleasing to me that countries are in the same wavelength in that aspect. Everyone seems to understand the pivotal role youths and women play in Agriculture. I am so delighted to see how everyone is so open to young people entering this particular sector. The agriculture sector is calling out for people to enter this sector to solve the issues because we understand that younger people understand the technology,” he said.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, BAMSI and BAIC are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to youth in Agriculture. I think that’s getting where we want to be – technology wise – at a very fast pace. We need to take chances in funding these younger persons. Food security is at risk, and we must find solutions quickly.”

Source: Government of The Bahamas

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