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Chocolatess Island Delights

Fascinated with the versatility of chocolate at the age of 14 years, LaTess Bartlett’s life changed dramatically, when she decided that she wanted to invest in her future. Rather than receive gifts or have a party for her 15th birthday she opted for eq …

Clouds Image Production Limited

With a focus in film tourism, Clouds Image is impassioned with the art and business of producing high quality industry standard content in The Bahamas. It is equipped with a collective twenty years in the industry, diverse international portfolio, and …

Coconut Queen Enterprises

Coconut Queen Enterprises manufactures and processes organic virgin coconut oil, cosmetic oils, medicinal oils, hair moisturizers and other specialty food items such as coconut pastries, coconut candies and pure concentrated coconut milk.

Constantine’s Jams, Jellies & Sauces

Constantine’s Jam’s, Jellies & Sauces produces Bahamian made jams, jellies and sauces from locally grown fruits, peppers, herbs and vegetables.

Crab Toes

Crab Toes Boutique carries genuine handmade Bahamian jewelry, hand bags, art decor, and craft pieces. The company also carries printed T’s , cell phone cases etc. of its original art; and so much more.

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