Outreach Sales & Marketing Management

Outreach Sales and Marketing Management aims to change the way organizations operate in The Caribbean by offering results-oriented organizational training and consulting services. The company’s ultimate mission is to become a major contributor to the successful development of organizations so that they can “provide value profitably”!

The company’s primary goals are to:

  • Provide exceptional and innovative training in Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Computer Operations, Warehousing and Office Procedures
  • Encourage businesses to operate under the guidance of business and marketing plans
  • Create leaders and encourage teamwork
  • Network with organizations that focus on training employers and employees how to accomplish goals in an effective and efficient manner.


  • Other
  • Research and education

Export products

• Professional (consulting) services

Export destinations

• Europe
• Africa

Company details


Robinson Road
New Providence, Bahamas

Contact person:
Mark A. Turnquest
1 (242) 326-6748 / 1 (242) 427-3640

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Outreach Sales & Marketing Management

Robinson Road
New Providence, Bahamas