Mediabox Bahamas Limited

MediaBox Bahamas is an eco-friendly marketing company that provides a variety of marketing, advertising, and business development services.

Founded by entrepreneurs Jobeth Newbold and Santina McKinney, MediaBox Bahamas aims to offer products and services that will equip entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to generate awareness for their brand, increase sales, retain customers and most importantly, grow. 

MediaBox Bahamas is dedicated to innovation and is the mastermind behind eco-friendly outdoor advertising in The Bahamas with solar powered signs! 


Our mission is to offer our clients a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship by using our knowledge, experience, creativity and our dynamic products to communicate their brands effectively.


    • We see the need to promote entrepreneurs and artists in the country to give them a strong platform to earn a living.
    • We see the need to promote and grow the local economic communities.
    • We see the need to provide affordable and effective marketing services to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
    • We see the need to remove and reduce debris and waste in our environment.
    • We see the need to promote recycling and reduce illiteracy about its importance.
    • We see the need to improve local collaboration and health activities.
    • We see the need for the country to have a shared, productive vision for entrepreneurial growth


  • Creative industries
  • Research and education
  • Tourism

Export products

• MediaBox Billboards
• Solar Trash Bin
• Solar Bus Station
• Media Books

Export destinations

• None

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Braynen Building
New Providence, Bahamas

Contact person:
Santina McKinney / Jobeth Newbold
(242) 433-2528 / (242) 556-4729

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Mediabox Bahamas Limited

Braynen Building
New Providence, Bahamas