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The JUJU Season Woman

At JUJU Season, we offer locally handmade clothing for the sophisticated but edgy woman who loves the mix of simple and fussy. She is well put together and meticulous about her appearance.  She loves pieces that can be worn from season to season and is not afraid to add a pop of color or print to her wardrobe.  She loves quality clothing and when she finds a store or brand she likes, she sticks to it.

What’s in a name?

JUJU Season is a play on the surnames of our founders- Myrlande Julien & Geraldine Julien- shortened to JUJU.  It is also the name of a topical fruit that grows in The Bahamas – the juju.  It was during the time when the juju fruit was in season that the similarity between the two became apparent. The founders believed that it signaled the beginning of a new season for fashion in The Bahamas; hence the name JUJU Season came to life.

Community over Competition


In 2015 our head designer, Myrlande Julien, hosted a popup shop for her first limited edition ready-to-wear collection; now known as the JUJU Season brand.  Recognizing the importance of featuring the work of other local entrepreneurs, she invited other Bahamian artisans and jewelry makers to join her in a shared space for those looking to push boundaries and showcase brands with strong important messages.  The success of the event led to another pop-up shop the following year which opened the door for the JUJU Season Boutique.


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117 Collins Avenue
New Providence, Bahamas

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Geraldine Julien
(242) 698-0460

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