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Launched in November of 2016, Goombay Labs is a small manufacturer of premium scented candles, organic lip balms, natural salt scrubs, and other products that can be considered to be a part of the natural and organic personal care market.

With a commitment to using as many Bahamian resources in its production process, the company is proudly an all-Bahamian dedicated team of family and friends, who are passionate about their craft and their hope of facilitating optimum happiness through exceptional products and outstanding service.

Goombay Labs often boasts that its products are the result of a tenuous pregnancy; the company spent an intensive nine months developing each product line that it offers.

What separates Goombay Labs from the rest is that all its products are made by hand, in small batches. This method of production allows the company to ensure the highest quality, and for attention to detail be placed in each product. The method of production also allows for complete scalability to accommodate fluctuations in demand.

Presently, the company’s premium candle line is the only product offering. Goombay Labs’ organic line of lip balms is expected to launch in February of 2018, with the company’s natural salt scrub line currently in development.



  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients

Export products

• Candles

Export destinations

• Canada

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Yamacraw Beach Estates
New Providence, Bahamas

Contact person:
Travis Ferguson
1 (242) 455-1513

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Goombay Labs

Yamacraw Beach Estates
New Providence, Bahamas