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Fab Beauty Supply (FBS) has been operational for almost three (3) years. The company is based in Grand Bahama and is run by Mrs. Marissa Thompson.  During her natural hair journey she struggled to find products made of natural ingredients that would hydrate and restore her damaged hair.  Also, living in a warm climate she discovered dryness was a common issue and eventually decided to launch her own business to solve what she realized was a problem for many.

FBS uses raw materials such as hibiscus, aloe vera, lemongrass and more. They have handcrafted their products infusing up to 80% natural ingredients. The company’s best sellers are its Hibiscus Treatment,  Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner,  Hibiscus Oil, Hibiscus Hair Mist Spray  and Carrot Turmeric Soap.

FBS products are presently available in Tampa, FL for shipping throughout the United States.


  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients

Export products

• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Hair Treatment
• Hair Oil
• Hair Gel
• Moisturizer
• Soap

Export destinations

• Caribbean
• Canada

Awards & Achievements

• Member and Grant Recipient of the U.S. State Department Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

Product / service examples

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Mac Town
Grand Bahama, Bahamas

Contact person:
Marissa Thompson
1 (242) 533-0544

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Fab Beauty Supply

Mac Town
Grand Bahama, Bahamas