Cecil Dorsett Steel Drums

Manufacturer of the Caribbean’s signature musical invention, the steel pan, in colourful miniature souvenir, and full-size professional drums, tuned to concert pitch. Ancillary services include instrument re-tuning services, by appointment, for residents and visitors.

The firm also provides professional steel drum for artistes, from soloist to all-steel and mixed-instrument steel drum-lead ensembles, playing a variety of musical genres including classical, jazz, gospel, pop, and Caribbean/Latin American, for weddings, concerts, studio recording, film shoots, and any other occasion requiring the distinctive sound of the steel pan.

With over 50 years in the industry, Mr. Dorsett brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and innovation to every product designed and crafted by the firm. As lead tuner, his exacting standards ensure every instrument that leaves the studio meets international musical tuning standards. A renowned local musician, he has supplied numerous schools and individuals with instruments and musical training on the steel drum.


  • Creative industries

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• Souvenir Mini-Pans
• Professional Single Tenors

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• North America

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#37 Wellington Road
Stapeldon Gardens
New Providence, Bahamas

Contact person:
Cecil Dorsett
1 (242) 325-5040 / 1 (242) 525-3116

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Cecil Dorsett Steel Drums

#37 Wellington Road
Stapeldon Gardens
New Providence, Bahamas