Bentonite Beauty Clay

Bentonite Beauty Clay is a 100% all natural product that is mined from specific volcanic regions in the world and packaged here in The Bahamas. It is designated to the total detoxification of the body through the hair and skin. Bentonite Beauty Clay not only detoxifies the body but is a product that also promotes skin rejuvenation and total holistic healing.

Bentonite Beauty Clay is perfect for all skin types and promotes the regulation of the skin’s pH levels which assists in healing all skin disorders and diseases. It is perfect to alleviate common skin conditions such as Acne Vulgaris as well as Psoriasis and Eczema. There are many applications of the product with the most common of them being the Face Mask, Oral Detox, Total Body Detox through soaking in a bath, a Foot Soak/Mask and a Hair Mask.

Bentonite Beauty Clay is perfect for all ages and can be applied to babies as a preventative for Diaper Rash without introducing young children to unnecessary added chemicals. The product is a must have for all homes and should be included and incorporated in the daily home healing and beauty regimens.


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Bentonite Beauty Clay

#140 Yorkshire Street
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