Mandara Spa at Atlantis wins Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award for best spa in North America20 Sep 2022

Mandara Spa Staff

Regional Vice President of OneSpaWorld (OSW) Bahamian Youlanda Deveaux, centre, shows off members of staff who helped make Mandara Spa at Atlantis the 2022 winner of the prestigious Haute Grandeur’s Award for Top Hotel Spa in North America. Mandara at Atlantis is OSW’s flagship, a signature symbol of excellence for the company that operates spas serving a vacation market on 174 cruise ships and at 51 destination resorts. (Cay Focus Photography for DP&A)

Paradise Island Spa included among the hospitality heavyweights of the world

Having long been in a class of its own in The Bahamas, Mandara Spa at Atlantis Paradise Island has taken its rightful place among the world’s best, winning the 2022 Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award for the best spa in North America.

Steeped in exotic luxury, with Balinese accents and stunning water features throughout, Mandara Spa is well-loved by tourists and locals alike. The 30,000-square-foot spa, which employs nearly 80 staff members, is an integral part of Atlantis’ luxury experience and a powerhouse in the Caribbean’s wellness industry. And though Mandara Spa is no stranger to awards, Regional Vice President, Youlanda Deveaux, said this one is different.

With the awardees decided entirely by guest experiences, instead of votes from the public or a panel of judges, a Haute Grandeur award is the pinnacle of achievement for the already-renowned Mandara Spa.

“As the flagship Mandara Spa location of OneSpaWorld’s destination resorts, we are dedicated to providing our guests with experiences that exceed their expectations and are remembered long after they walk out of our doors,” said Deveaux. “Our staff work assiduously to ensure they are offering the best service there is, so, to be awarded for that effort in such a grand way, the feeling is just incomparable.”

Haute Grandeur awardees represent the most sought-after hospitality experiences in top destinations across the globe. Awardees are guaranteed global recognition, distinction, credibility, and influence.

Founder and President, Marinique de Wet, said the award represents the highest accolade in hospitality, noting that winners are those who have delivered consistent and exceptional experiences in the global luxury spa industry.

“To win an Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award a Spa must excel on all levels. This season demonstrated how spas around the world remained persistent to achieve greater heights despite challenges that exist in the industry,” said de Wet.

“Healthy competition is essential to achieve even greater heights because it ensures sustainability as a guaranteed golden stamp of excellence. Award-winning spas are perceived as the benchmark in the industry and Haute Grandeur only awards the most remarkable, of already exceptional spas around the world.”

And de Wet noted that the spa industry in particular is highly competitive.

“Only those who constantly exceed attain prestige in an industry that creates many jobs,” she said.

Haute Grandeur award is a source of great pride for the Atlantis resort

De Wet added, “The Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards is more than just a celebration of our dignitaries’ achievements. It honors the principles of hard work, commitment, determination, leadership, and success. More than ever before, recognition helps teams to remain positive and goal driven.”

For Deveaux the, the award is just that — the long-awaited recognition of over two decades of ceaseless work and self-improvement.

“It’s truly the highest honor to be able to stand confidently among the absolute best of the world,” she said. “And it’s only possible because of our relentless efforts to continuously provide our patrons with top offerings and service.”

Atlantis Executive Vice President of Hotel Operations Russell Miller said Mandara Spa’s inclusion on the list of Haute Grandeur awardees is a source of great pride for the resort.

“Moments like this substantiate and solidify Atlantis’ long-standing reputation as a top resort in The Bahamas and in the region,” said Miller.

“And we couldn’t be prouder of Mandara Spa and its staff for all the hard work that went into this monumental achievement.”

About OneSpaWorld

Headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas, OneSpaWorld is one of the largest health and wellness services companies in the world. OneSpaWorld’s distinguished health and wellness centers offer guests a comprehensive suite of premium health, wellness, fitness and beauty services, treatments, and products currently onboard 174 cruise ships and at 51 destination resorts around the world. OneSpaWorld holds the leading market position within the cruise line industry of the historically fast-growing international leisure market and has been built upon its exceptional service standards, expansive global recruitment, training and logistics platforms, irreplicable operating infrastructure, extraordinary team and a history of service and product innovation that has enhanced its guests’ personal care experiences while vacationing for over 65 years.

Source: Diane Philips & Associates


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