Some Yachting Business Returning27 Nov 2020

Mid-sized and smaller boats will be a big boost for tourism

Some yachting business is returning to The Bahamas for Thanksgiving, though not in the numbers Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) President Peter Maury told Guardian Business yesterday he’d like to see, adding that while bigger boats are coming in, the return of mid-sized and smaller boats will be the big boost needed for tourism.

He said while the US Thanksgiving holiday is showing promise, there’s no indication yet what the

December holiday season will look like.

“Right now, everything looks pretty good,” said Maury.

“We’ve got some big boats cleared into the country and I think we got a good shot at making some people happy.

“It’s not a whole lot of business, but it’s business.”

Maury said a few big boats came into Nassau recently to receive their clearance, take on fuel and purchase groceries. They are now headed to the Family Islands with their guests.

“We’ve got a couple of boats, it’s not quite the numbers we were hoping for, but I’m not complaining too much,” he said.

“We’ve got about four big boats we put guests on today and they’re going down to the Exumas or wherever they’re going for the holidays. So, it’s a start. We just need to keep progressing in that direction.

“I think if we can keep the boats moving… they’re buying fuel, they’re going to the grocery stores, spending money in the restaurants. Obviously, all of that helps to get the tourism industry back up.”

According to Maury, business from mid-sized to smaller vessels trickle into communities, as those often call for their passengers to rent hotel rooms and vacation homes when they arrive at their island destinations. He said the return of that business will be a good sign for the industry.

There is misinformation about The Bahamas’ opening status

Maury said while there is still a lot of misinformation about The Bahamas’ opening status, the ABM and Ministry of Tourism are continually updating public information and setting the record straight.

However, he said the best kind of marketing happens when guests go back home and recall their vacation in The Bahamas to others.

“I’m doing whatever I can every day and obviously the Ministry of Tourism as well,” said Maury.

Source: Nassau Guardian

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