Nassau Cruise Port Receives Health Accreditation4 Sep 2020

The Bahamas’ health and safety protocols meet the highest international standards

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has branded Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. (NCPL) a “Safe Travels” partner, meaning the company has ensured that standard, global health and hygiene protocols are in place at Nassau’s cruise port, in preparation for the return of cruise passengers.

A statement released by NCPL explained that the WTTC accreditation was created in an effort to develop action plans to ensure passenger and employee safety at ports in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Safe Travels stamp helps travelers recognize companies and destinations that uphold WTTC health and safety standards within their own protocols, reassuring them as they move throughout our facility and giving them the peace of mind to enjoy their visit,” the statement noted.

NCPL Chief Executive Officer Mike Maura Jr. said in the statement that his company has put a lot of consideration into how to reopen Nassau’s cruise port safely when cruise ships begin traveling again.

“The WTTC Safe Travels Stamp verifies that our enhanced health and safety protocols meet the highest international standards, which our cruise partners, cruise passengers and the Bahamian community can feel confident about,” Maura said.

Protecting everyone’s health has to be part of the new tourist experience

“Our priority is everyone’s safety. We want to reassure travelers that Nassau Cruise Port is one of the safest ports that you can visit and our Safe Travels stamp helps us to communicate this. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that we are the destination of choice when sailing resumes.”

Maura also advised other tourism industry stakeholders to prepare to return to business in as safe a way as possible, given that COVID-19 could still be amongst us even when tourism returns in earnest.

“Keeping COVID-19 at bay while maintaining our livelihoods is a two-way street,” he said.

“Of course, we wish for cruise passengers to adhere to the highest safety protocols during every stage of their cruise, but when they are here, we also have to demonstrate that properly protecting everyone’s health – theirs and ours – is a part of the new Bahamian tourist experience.

“Once we can give them that confidence, they will share their experiences and help us promote Nassau and The Bahamas as a responsible, safe destination. We have to be ready.”

Cruise companies have pegged their return at the beginning of November, but their re-sail schedule still hinges on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and whether their own new, self-imposed health and safety measures are up to scratch.

Source: Nassau Guardian

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