Bahamas, UAE Partner to Build Solar Car Park, Electric Car Charging Stations15 Nov 2017

The Bahamas Government and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sign agreement

The government through the Ministry of the Environment, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) participated in a ceremonial signing held at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, on November 13, forging an agreement to reduce the nation’s collective dependence on fossil fuels. The initiative plans to introduce the construction of a large-scale solar car park at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre on Thompson Boulevard, which will be connected to the national grid and funded by a regional grant from the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund.

“In addition to the high cost of fuel, countries like The Bahamas are experiencing the negative effects of climate change; even now as our sea levels rise, our oceans acidify, and as temperatures rise, we can still shine as a beacon for others to see as we move to mitigate these effects and reduce our carbon footprint,” said the Romauld Ferreira, minister of the environment and housing.

Both countries recognize that renewable energy contributes to sustainable development

“This project, approved by both governments for funding, will diversify our energy supply through the introduction of approximately one megawatt of solar power to the national grid. Although we may seem as far as east is from west, both countries have come to the same conclusion, that reliable renewable energy consistently lowers power costs, as well as provides job creation to truly create sustainable development and reduce our negative impact on our global shared resources.”


Ferreira added that this is “one of the many pipelines to introduce safe, affordable, renewable energy across The Bahamas” by beginning with solarizing government assets.

The Bahamas is perfectly positioned to take advantage of solar energy

“We must lead by example. With over 300 solar ray days, The Bahamas is perfectly positioned to sustainably resource one of our greatest assets, the sun, to reduce one of our greatest liabilities, our dependence on fossil fuels,” said Ferreira.

“Partnerships like these remind us that while some may wish to stick the proverbial head in the sand, there are others who will stand with us to address one of this generation’s most complicated issues: that of climate change. We look forward to forging stronger alliances with the UAE and partners like them and to the successful completion of this one-megawatt solar car park and electric car charging stations.”

Source: The Nassau Guardian