BIMS Bahamas to host first ever Manufacturers Conference in The Bahamas4 Oct 2017

One-day intensive conference scheduled for Friday, October 20th at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel in New Providence

Bahamian manufacturers will get the ultimate leg up on their global competitors thanks to the creators of Bahamas Investment and Manufacturing Solutions (BIMS). The organization is set to host its first one-day intensive conference for the industry on Friday, October 20th at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel in New Providence.

Attendees will be given a roadmap for success

“We’re looking for light manufacturers such as creators and designers in the areas of cosmetics, food and beverage and other creative industries to attend,” said the planning committee.

Fuelled by a desire to aide local manufacturers to excel in their respective fields, the company developed the one-day conference as a way to give Bahamian manufacturers a fighting chance in the international and local arena.

“For far too long persons were entering this field like any other new business all excited to begin but somehow during the course of their journey they lost their way for various reasons,” said the planning committee. “We felt a dire need to offer a type of “road map” per say which could be used as a guide to help get them get back on track to becoming successful business persons in their industry.”

Immersed in the field just over eight years, the organizers have worked closely with numerous Bahamian designers including Dot Miller who went on to win both a Cacique Award and Bahamian Icon Award in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

Aspiring manufacturers will also learn how to get their products into the local, regional and international markets

The manufacturer’s conference will be the first of its kind in The Bahamas and is set to arm aspiring manufacturers with the relevant information to help them get their locally produced goods not only to the local market but regional and international ones as well.

The event will provide crucial insight into breaking into the international manufacturing arena while teaching attendees how to:

  • Get into the mind of a retail buyer and exactly how buyers select products and vendors
  • What every retail pitch should contain
  • Build a Strategic Retailer Roadmap
  • How to get a meeting with a prospective buyer and properly follow up
  • How to properly overlay an Online/Direct to Consumer Sales Strategy with Brick and Mortar Sales Strategy
  • How to build a proper Brand and Marketing Strategy for Retail Success inclusive of packaging
  • How to effectively use Social Media to successfully sell their products
  • How to safeguard your product for export, including copyright, trademarks, etc.
  • How to Fund your Business
  • How to enhance the quality of your product to coincide with national and international standards and much more

“We implore all light manufacturers to come out and absorb all that these industry professionals have to offer,” said the planning committee. “All of the information presented at the conference can be easily implemented and the attendees will receive the steps on how to execute the various processes”.

The program contains a line-up of expert speakers

On tap as guest speakers for the event include, Lead and Growth Strategist, Vanessa Ting, who is a former retail buyer for Target and marketer for Neutrogena; Adriana Pierce, a Fashion Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert and CEO of Superstar Nail Lacquer; Zhivargo Laing, former Minister of State for Finance and Economist; Dr. Melisa Hall, a Certified International Coach, Financial Planner, Author and Attorney; Daphne deGregory-Miaoulis, owner of Abaco Neem Limited and Chelsea Johnson, designer and CEO of Autumn Crop and Creative Business Coach.

But that’s not all.

The Conference will host a mock retail buyer segment

Another highlight of the mini-conference is what organizers are calling ‘Pitch IT’ – a mock retail buyer segment where entrepreneurs will get real-time evaluations of their product and just how successful it will be on the market.

“We want to encourage all our Bahamian manufacturers to be authentic and make your product stand out from the crowd,” said the planning committee. “Make it eye-catching that will cause consumers to gravitate towards it.”

The action-packed day begins at 8 am with registration and activities to run from 9 am – 5 pm inclusive of a continental breakfast and buffet lunch.

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