Thumbs up and out for ride-sharing app Bahrezy26 Jul 2017

Catching a ride just got easier with the Bahamian Uber

The Bahamian Uber is growing driver by driver, the company’s co-owner and Chief Operating Officer Xavier Knowles told  Guardian Business yesterday.

Steady Growth of Business

With 15 drivers, 1,500 users logged and more than 700 rides under its belt in just five months, Bahrezy — the ride sharing app — is taking off in a market where popular opinion was it could never work.

“It is a growing business,” Knowles said. “The customer base is continuing to grow, and we’re just trying to make sure everything is stable in terms of number of drivers.”

Bahrezy is Easy to Use

Knowles, who works along with the other owner Davonte Gay, who is also chief executive officer, said Bahrezy users have been enjoying the service thus far. He said individuals who have used the ride-sharing app have complained that buses have often been too unreliable and taxis difficult to contact. They have taken a liking to Bahrezy’s easy operation, being able to call a ride at the click of a button.

When a user calls for a Bahrezy ride, the mobile app shows where the responding vehicle and driver are on a map of New Providence, and shows the estimated time of arrival for the pickup. The app also shows a photo of the driver that is en route.

Local and International Users

Knowles explained that each Bahrezy ride has a $6 base fare and each mile is $1.25.

“We have a huge local market and have had some international users,” he said.

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